About Life Uplifter

It is the perfect time to awaken and follow the music in your heart.

I began my quest for peace of mind years ago. My life coaching is based mostly in the teachings of Abraham Hicks, as well as known mindfulness mentors and spiritual guides. I have been helping many people along my path and successfully helping to shift their lives.

Furthermore, I am a certified Access Bars® Practitioner.  Access Bars is a gentle touch hands-on alternative relaxing therapy which helps you to release feelings, beliefs and considerations that hinder progress, and a wonderful life experience. Learn more about  my bars practice here.

My expertise in life coaching has been further developed through an extensive study of mindfulness, personal growth and spiritual teachings.

I come from a business background (business owner) and hold university studies of communications science and marketing. This combination of business experience and spiritual awareness allow me to integrate both holistically, on the basis of the importance of having peace of mind first, achieving enlightenment or spiritual awakening, and then to create the life of our dreams.

Working with me

My life coaching is smooth and easy. I do not do long term programs thus the goal is that you will become able to guide yourself in the short or medium term, because you will have identified your true inner being that will help you to achieve the rest.

I will give you tools that will help you to connect with your inner self, improve every aspect of your life and your interactions with people. Most important, I will help you advise yourselfand to understand what you want, why you want it, and then assist you in closing the gap from where you are… to where you want to be.

I will offer you mindfulness techniques, which will help you to address situations in a completely different way, and to learn how to consciously create your own reality. You have been creating your own reality your whole life without knowing it.

Many people live with constant feelings of stress and frustration, at work, with their family, in a partnership, social life, etc. They blame the conditions and believe that it is all right to complain. They can stay years in a similar situation and repeat the same patterns, willing for a change, but never achieving one. Why is that?

It is universal law that whatever you are focused on will bring more of the same. Negativity begets negativity.

With this knowledge plus much more which I will teach you, it will become much easier to change your focus towards what you want… and to create life improvements and magnificent experiences.

As your life mentor, I will assist you in addressing and changing old beliefssuch as “I cannot have, do or be that”, and those thinking patterns and blocks which only kept you stuck in the same situations will be swept away.

We are spiritual beings who are here for the purpose of joy and expansion. We will always want something more, we are always evolving and that is wonderful!

Whether you are looking for extra support and guidance through a particular situation, or you are simply ready to to take the plunge to press the unveiling button within you… Life Uplifter can work for you!

I look forward to sharing life changing knowledge with you.